No Shiftlock Difficulty Chart Obby - Changelog

Welcome to the No Shiftlock Difficulty Chart Obby game changelogs! Here you will find information about every update that comes out!


Game made by @Shrekovic and @imakexperiences.

Dates in format DD/MM/YYYY


=> 13/12/2021 - Hey everyone, we found a major bug in the code for the cosmetics in #NSLDCO so we’ve had to reset all data. We’re sorry to say this. But we know you’ve all worked hard to gain points to buy stuff, so we have added a new code - “BUGPOINTS” - for 300 points.

=> 12/12/2021 - CHRISTMAS UPDATE! New quest and lots of cool stuff added! New code too!

=> 11/12/2021 - New practice area, cosmetics fixes, CODES that can be found on @Shrekovic and I’s Twitters’. Also added a few stages.

=> 10/12/2021 - COSMETICS UPDATE! Added cosmetics and points, fixed GUIs turning back on when they’re disabled and added new stages! Play now!

=> 08/12/2021 - Small update: settings GUI with the ability to turn off blur & hide GUIs!

=> 07/12/2021 - New stage, buffs, nerfs, GUI improvements & a new MYSTERY AREA at spawn! Check it out now!

=> 06/12/2021 - Admin Giveaway update, Stage Revamps, Nerfs, Buffs and more! Check it out now!