[NOKÓ CAFE] How I can improve this Interview Center?

Hello there!

Nokó Cafe, my cafe has been working to have a nice IC (Interview Center). I have been spending my time on it and I would appreciate CREATIVE and CONSTRUCTIVE suggestions, destructive suggestions are not needed.

What it has?

It has a big-open place for interviewees (Waiting Room) and functional doors that open if you have a certain rank with a command (!Open & !Close). I like the modern style I made and I see the lighting pretty okay.


Game Link:

We are making an interview session at 2:00 AM CEST, 20:00 PM EST. Just in 15 minutes since I write this, feel free to join to spectate or get the trainee job.

Things I feel like I have to improve:

The lighting, staff, some of the walls, the door and nothing more!


I’d suggest adding a bit more textures to make it stand out, also try changing the sand color to cashmere, but it looks stunning anyways. :happy1:


I think you can improve this by making the windows a bit more clear to look through, changing the skybox, and perhaps adding offices. Anyhow, I rate this an 8/10! :smiley:

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Greetings! :smile:

The Interview center looks pretty good, once I hopped on the game I noticed it was a bit empty, try filling it up with indoor plants, seats, for example.

Another thing I’ve noticed is that the exterior also seems a bit empty.

I’d suggest adding some sort of tree such as a palm tree outside

Another thing I’d suggest Is following the pattern or adding some sort of decoration to this wall which is kinda bland, located in front of the NPC.

There can be some improvements made, I find the map overall good & detailed!
Hope this helps! :grin:

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I’m not sure terrain isn’t a main part that you should be focusing on interview center usually have nothing placed outside since that isn’t something that users will focus on once join you’ll already be inside the build without walking in. So that is here and there suggestion are users going to walk straight into the building without spawning inside?

If you look at interview centers or real life ones you’ll see it features chairs, potted plants in a few of the corners (mainly the interior front entrance).

The rooms will be placed with similar objects as the interior perhaps throw a little sitting area if your wanting to interview too individuals place too seating chairs, desk, tv on the wall it doesn’t need to look to all improved and amazing just add objects that are worth adding.

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Overall, you have some good progress! I like where it is going. Keep it up!

I like the modern design that you went for. It’s simple, but still detailed enough to give the walls some complexity (like the wood planks on the side). I also like the touch of the slanted windows.

However, one thing that didn’t really fit in was the lighting. I found it to be overly bright, and my character had an intense glow around him. And, despite the place being very bright, there isn’t any light source like lamps and other things. I suggest to add a bigger lamp in the lobby and attach some to the walls. You should also tone the lights down inside in general, since it’s still night outside.

I’m also not much of a fan of the cobblestone roof. It makes it look weird and I think it could use a better material.

Overall, good job!

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I would suggest adding more textures and making it look much better by filling spaces

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I completely agree with you! I think he needs to add a bit more textures. It looks too plain.

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Yeah, I recommend you reduce the space in the lobby because you really don’t need that much space unless you have 100 people in 1 Interview session or if your group is really big and lots of people attend the Interview sessions.

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