Non-humanoid animation not replicating?

normally animations would just play on the server if loaded locally, but with a non-humanoid animation controller it doesn’t happen. If roblox doesn’t plan on adding that as a feature, what are the best ways to emulate that?

Animations are replicated from local scripts only if the animator is a child of a player character. In any other characters or models, it wont replicate. The best solution is to just load the animation from a server script.

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Not much will be changed about that, as it is not a future, nor a bug, it is done specifically for anti exploit purposes

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As @Denz_Noviembre said, it’s meant to prevent exploiters playing animations on anything.

Just play it on the server, or to reduce noticeable lag, play it locally and then play it on the server, so for the player it still feels responsive.