Noob Battles 2 - DevLog 1

A refurbished version of Noob Battles which is a randomizer ragdoll fighting game where you kill other players with different weapons. I hope to make this game much more polished and modernized, something that appeals to lots of different audiences.

I scrapped a projectile system and a ragdoll system from older projects. I started work on the map layout and worked on the UI a little. I’m trying to get the skeleton of the game down at the moment.

Current features
Future features
  • Improved movement such as sliding and climbing
  • combat system fighting / blocking hits
  • grenades / explosions
  • melee weapons
  • vehicles

Please share absolutely any opinions on this!

  • I would play this game
  • I would not play this game

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Just played it for a minute, and so far it looks great! I think longer range for weapons and reduced camera shake instead of complete removal when right clicking in first person would be great though!

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I kept the weapon range short because I didn’t want them to be to overpowered against melee weapons but I’ll bear that in mind.