Noob defense release notes

Changelogs of 2/25/21:

  • Added an exit button to the voting screen,
  • Changed Robux values for coins to match dev product prices
  • removed daily deal images and replaced them with just +1 level, +5 levels, etc
  • Added a teleport to shop button to easily get to the shop

Previous Updates:

Changelogs of 2/18/21

*Fix characters’ appearances like phaser and a hidden boss
*Datastore overhaul this sadly means that there was lost player data. (weapons, clothes, and pets however were not affected) Compensation will be provided in the form of a code that we will release later.

Changelogs of 1/27/21
  • Fix angel pet
  • Change dialogue to be where wave stats are shown
  • Possibly fix a hidden boss.
Changelogs of 1/24/21
  • Bug fixes
  • Nerfed insane mode to x2 the difficulty
  • Added an upgrade statue GUI so you can upgrade the statue anytime not just in between waves.
  • Nerf the amount of health increased based on the number of players for bosses.
Changelogs of 1/28/20
  • Removed the holiday event.
  • Removed snow and Santa hat noobs
  • Removed Santa boss from insane mode
Changelogs of 1/2/20
  • Changed the image of insane mode and text to match other modes.
Changelogs of 12/18/19
  • Added a code system
  • Added new Santa Claus boss at wave 15 Insane mode
Changelogs of 12/13/19
  • Fixed music issues with waiting and during waves.
Changelogs of 12/11/19
  • Noobs now have a santa hat on them if they didn’t have a hat before.
  • It is now snowing!
Changelogs of 5/28/19:
  • Lowered cooldowns for swords so they aren’t so slow.
Changelogs of 5/22/19:
  • Performance improvements
  • Changed GUI design for the premium shop so it matches the game’s other guis
Changelogs of 5/15/19:
  • Fixed swords for real, expect a real challenge for the game
  • Other bugfixes
Changelogs of 5/14/19:
  • Double coins and exp event has concluded
  • Added more music credit to the credits screen
  • Fixed play not loading
  • Better location for premium shop frame
  • Cooldown for swords are fixed
  • Other bugfixes
Changelogs of 5/9/19:
  • Changed dialogue color so it’s not too dark
  • Bosses health now scale with the number of players in the game
  • Changes to admin commands
  • Fixed some bugs
Changelogs of 5/8/19
  • Fixed some more game breaking bugs that snuck by
Changelogs of 5/7/19:
  • Huge amount of bug fixes
  • New admin commands
  • admin commands for previous admin owners and available to buy again
Changlogs of 5/1/19:
  • Huge revamp for the game; balanced noobs, weapons, pets, and clothing. Wave system was also revamped with classic and insane

  • Added new waves, new bosses along with a hidden boss

  • Added new weapons and a new pet

  • Removed effect for epic redness sword

  • Pets give damage based on level

  • Clothing now gives extra damage based on level

  • Helper bots now give extra damage based on level

  • Helper bots are now considered pets.

  • Statue starting health is buffed.

  • Player starting health along with increased health is buffed

Changelogs of 4/15/19:
  • Added chat tags to the game for staff, vip owners and god gamepass owners*
Changelogs of 4/14/19:
  • Fixed dialog of bosses at wave 40

  • Fixed ice cubes made by freezing noobs

  • Changed suicide noobs’ name to combustion noobs

Changelogs of 4/12/19
  • Loyalty reward gui is now fixed so it doesn’t appear in the intro
  • Nerfed pricing of the scythe of the statue weapon along with its damage too
  • Reorganized dev products to go into a shop button, click premium shop to show all products and click again to hide the shop
  • Balanced shop prices, waves, and enemies
  • Damaging an enemy counts for everyone now
  • Balance update with god sword and bosses
  • Set can collide to false for the statue pet
  • Credits gui redesign (centered and bigger text)
  • More Balanced survival.
  • Redesigned premium shop
  • Play button background is now covered
  • Added waves 31-40 along with 2 new bosses!
  • Added future is bright lighting for better graphics
  • Game loads faster
  • Lighting fixed
  • Fixed statue going higher up when damaged
  • Bug fixes
Changelogs of 3/24/19
  • Fixed below level 10 users dying.
  • Level up sound only plays for the player.
  • Fixed statue pet so it heals.
  • Reduced explosion rate on bosses to reduce lag.
Changelogs of 3/14/19
  • The shopkeeper has been replaced by a mysterious man, I wonder who? :thinking:
  • The shop now is activated by clicking the shopkeeper like the original game.
  • Added atomic noob & sniper noob (Weapon will be replaced by a sniper rifle in the future)
  • Added zapphod’s favorite dominus to the game, the galaxy dominus.
  • Added another song to the list of boss songs that can be selected
  • Added more Waiting Music songs.
  • Added daily rewards.
  • Added new pet to the shop that can heal and damage.
  • Added more options for buying coins with robuxs.
  • Replaced cheese king with a humanlike cheese king.
  • Optimization of GUI to all platforms.
  • Graphics enhancement.
  • Fixed shop.
  • Removed emojis.
  • New wave! Added new boss at wave 30.
  • Added new icons for guns shop.
  • Shop now automatically shows what you can equip instantly after you click show info for the first time. (NOTE: If you already bought stuff before the update. )
  • Adjusted enemies. (Wave 26-29)
  • Adjusted damages for Illumina and noob 1337 sword.
  • Adjusted damage for the rocket launcher.
  • Added new enemy to the game.
  • Fixed not being able to buy armor.
  • Fixed pets when attacking.
  • Fixed Rocket Launcher not being able to be equipped upon buying.
Changelogs of 3/11/19
  • Fixed shop so you cant buy more than once on an item.
  • Fixed some noobs and not respawning if broken.
  • Fixed voting.
  • Added forcefields.
  • Added insane mode.
  • Disabled god mode on insane mode.
  • Fixed replicating music in insane mode.
  • Pets now float so you don’t have pets running into you or pushing you.
  • Added a new sword for 60k coins.
  • Added leaderboard for coins.
  • Difficulty is now based on level in survival now.
Changelogs of 3/9/19
  • Added guns part of the shop.
  • Added rpg to the shop.
  • Added a new rainbow sword to the shop for 6k coins.
  • Fixed the choosing wave so you can vote when you first spawn in.
  • Buffed the gamepass swords.
  • Buffed diamond blade sword.
  • Buffed Rainbow Periastron.
  • Fixed wave 8.
Changelogs of 3/7/19
  • Added anonymous clothing as armor for 2000 health and cost at 7000 gold.
  • Added commas to statue’s health to make it more readable.
  • Fixed the bosses’ health not updating properly and wave status now shows properly after a boss.
Changelogs of 3/6/19
  • Added pre-requirements for upcoming insane mode.
  • Feedback GUI added.
  • Fixed the voting so you can only vote once.
  • Fixed the god sword.
  • Fixed data-saving queue being overfilled.
  • FIXED CRITICAL BUG that caused suicide noobs not to die properly.
Changelogs of 3/4/19
  • Fixed the shop not getting your data properly and allowing people to get items they don’t have unlocked.

  • Fixed the statue health going above the maximum amount.

  • Fixed the swords so they attack upon equipping them in shop.

  • Fixed not being able to purchase again after purchasing one item.

  • Added intro music.

  • Added another song to the music in-between waves.

  • Made it so if there is a tie between survival and classic it will randomly choose one.

  • Fixed the boss on wave 20 not showing health and text not changing from wave 19 completed to correct text.

  • Fixed pets not spawning server sided.

Got any feedback for the game? PM AnonymousDeveloper13 or Zapph0d_trig0n to submit your feedback about the game!

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