Noob Knockout! | The Great Overhaul (yep, again)

Hey there, it’s me, Tophat.

I’ve been working on this update for a while now (several weeks, two months, idk), and it involved doing yet another overhaul on my game.

So, what’s new?

  • Arena has had major changes
  • GUIs are rearranged
  • Lobby changed and shrunk
  • NPCs with dialog removed for now
  • Shop is much smaller and easier to get to
  • GUI based methods of equipping Noobs and Auras
  • Faster walkspeed (24)
  • Safezone added
  • Music replaced

Game link: Noob Knockout! - Roblox

With this grand update out, I need a well deserved break from development. Words can’t describe how proud and happy I feel. Even better, all this was done before Christmas, making it a nice update timing!

Feedback, again, is encouraged.

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