Noob Mountain (Feedback)

This is the first game I ever put time and effort into. The game is about making it to the top of noob mountain. My lack of scripting and self-confidence makes this game feel lackluster. Anyways, here is the link:

I will be adding new stuff over the next few months. But right now, I feel as if this game will go no where at all.

Note: There was suppose to be music. But it won’t play.


If this is your first game, good job! Maybe add some trees and rocks on the grassy parts of the map.

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Ok, thanks for the feedback :happy2: The reason this is my first game is because I normally experiment with other peoples work. It’s kind fun using @x_o’s grappling hook and @EgoMoose’s gravity controller to create obbies that challenge yourself or anything for that matter.

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Glad you find deving fun :smiley:

Good start! I think the theme has potential and there’s a lot of room for visual gags involving noobs who failed the obby. Just keep adding fun platforming and nice scenery and you’ll have a quality game!

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This is a good start! It’s a nice obby and I like the name noob mountain. I bet you can make more obby just like this or better and get lots of visits.

There are some walls clipping through each other, obby is really extreamly easy and game feels kinda empty but i can’t really blame you since you are new to it. I wish you luck and hope you progress with time.

It’s a cool concept for an obby, and it can be a great way to learn game development. You could make some great slapstick comedy if you make “cutscenes” play when players find a new area, showing hilarious ways for noobs to fail and die horribly. It could even be a kind of “hidden” hint system, showing inexperienced players how the level is supposed to be beaten. You could take inspiration from old movies.

Just an idea I got: maybe the level design could answer questions like “what is noob mountain” and “why are all the noobs climbing it” and “what’s at the top”. There could be a giant mt rushmore- type noob statue coming out of a cliffside, or something like that.

For a first game, it is pretty good - certainly better than mine XD.

Just some improvements:

You could make the spawns invisible or have the same size/height through out.
The spawns also do not save your position thus if you die, you go back to the beginning.

It would look better if the walls were level or obviously out of line, not somewhere in the middle

The gap here is big enough to fit through and escape the obby.

The wall is doing this because two parts are overlapping eachother and the game does not know which one to render, so you get the flickering effect. You just need to shrink one to stop this happening.

You don’t need all the baseplate, you could delete it and put a part in where you need to be touching the ground.

To get the music playing follow these steps:
Put a Sound object in Workspace and name it whatever you would like.

Put in the sound ID, it is this part of the URLimage

In your sound object, ensure that Playing and Looped are both true. You can also adjust your volume. image

Anyway, keep up the good work and I wish you good luck on your career as a Roblox developer!


I love that idea :laughing: Is clone troopers cut scene plugin still work? Because I have no idea how to make cut scenes.

Thank you for the feedback :happy2: When I played the game in studio though, the wall bugs were not showing up.