Noobs in a box - [Release]

Noobs in a Box Simulator | Release

Update Records

Shop Building
The shop building has been added! It is now located to your right when your at spawn! Admire the lovely building made by Imersat! In this building you can buy customize your noob colors, and view quests!

Glass Box
The glass box has a view overtop! It is located in front of you when your at spawn! You can admire all of the noobs, and different colored noobs!

Spawn now has a fountain, and pathways! Admire all of the lovely decoration whilst you walk along the pathway!


  • Overhead Rank Tag
  • Chat Tag
  • VIP
  • Shop w/Noob Color Customization & Quests
  • Rebirths
  • Gamepass Shop
  • Stats
  • Music Player
  • Remove local Noobs (aka. Lag Remover)
  • Leaderstats
  • Decoration
    and more!
Bug Fixes during Testing

Rank Color Bug
Quest Jumping Bug
Soft Shutdown Bug
Noob Spawning Bug

Dalmantes - Tester
Franllegoso20 - Tester
Div0_yT - Tester
Imersat - Builder & Ideas
SxmplyJythyy - Owner & Scripter/Builder, Ideas
RottenDevtron03 - Ideas
Savispecial - Ideas