Noord Brabant 11/6/2019 Update Log

New Features

  • Undercover Agent: We have added a new game pass that gives you access to a new Undercover Agent Gui. This allows you to spawn an undercover car, get special tools, and new clothing! And who is wanted. Much more will come later for this.

  • Jail Updated: The prison has been edited, Only support team could enter. No one, even the owner or support team can go through the door when he or she is wanted.

  • Bail Out: You can now bail out your wanted level into the Police Department near the computers. The amount varies per person, it can be from low to high. This determines the server itself.

Bug Fixes & Improvements

  • Bank door fixed.

  • Improved scripts.

  • Tazer less reload time.

  • Notify when you ride into the garage.

  • Cash script fixed.

  • Segway removed.

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