Noord Brabant 25/6/2019 Update Log

New Features

  • New Civilian Cars: We have added 4 new civilian cars to the vehicle shop.

  • Willem’s Garage: You can now also change your license plate to Belgium and France!

  • New Level System: We have added a brand new level system for all units, you no longer have to follow a training. All level’s has been reset, unfortunately we had to do this due to major fatal bugs. Our apology for this inconvenience, but that’s just the way it is we are sorry.

  • MaxTeam Players: All teams has now a max amount of players.
    Military police and police - 17 players.
    Ambulance and FireFighters - 15 players.
    RoNet - 10 players.

Bug Fixes & Improvements

  • We give all players €12.500 because the level reset.

  • We edited the xp values. You’ll earn 25 xp for a arrest and 15 for attempt.

  • Heal players is now set tot 35 xp.

  • ATM bug fixed.

  • Wanted UI only visible for civilian team.

  • Car seat bugs fixed.

  • You can now see the labels in the air into the night.

  • Hospital stairs bug fixed.

  • Bank stairs bug fixed.

  • You cannot equip tools while you’re seated.

  • Helicopter spawn bugs fixed.

  • Traffic lights edited.

  • Rank + system bugs fixed.

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