Normal chat or custom chat?

Alright, so I’m making a game and I need to decide if should I use Roblox’s default chat or make my own one. I, however, don’t know which one is better. What do you think?

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Implementing an original custom chat script may give your game better orginiality and presentation.

There are not many points or pros vs cons to point out, so I suggest you go for a custom chat.

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It depends on what kind of game you have. I would choose the roblox chat because it fits smoothly and well with the other guis. If you are going to make a custom chat, I advise you to also make a custom leaderboard, otherwise the chat will not fit the other guis.

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Really depends on the type and overall look of the rest of the game. If the default chat does not fit the rest of the UI in the game, then it’s probably going to make your game look better if you make a custom one. Usually, Roblox’s default chat is fine, but it does depend on how your game will look with it. You should keep some type of theme with your UI, therefore if the default chat box does not fit the theme of all the other UI in the game, it’s probably best to make a custom one that does.


As @LegendOJ1 said, it depends on the look of the game. It should blend in if possible. Honeslty, I prefer normal chat but if the chat is real nice, custom.

Alright, I will make a custom chat. Thanks for the advice!