Normal not appearing correctly

I recently imported a mesh that I made into studio, but after a bit of inspection I saw a bit of the mesh is gone. All my normals are the right way around and I’ve tried re-importing the mesh but the problem still persists. Any solutions?


May i ask what file format did you use to export the mesh?

I used the .fbx format for the file

have you tried using the .obj format for the mesh?

Not yet. But doesn’t the .obj format import the meshes as 1 part? I used the .fbx format so the parts could be separated when importing.

It does. Hmm, sorry but i don’t know anything on how to fix this.

As far as I know you need to Triangulate your Faces to properly import them (I could be completely out to lunch on this) and it looks like you have them set as Quads.

Ah, thank you! I just tried this and it worked. I’ve never encountered a problem where I’ve had to triangulate the faces myself since I was pretty sure Studio automatically triangulates faces.

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Seems like they might triangulate the Mesh but mess it up like yours.

I wonder if that might be why Unions sometimes have the lighting messed up with weird shadows on the surfaces…

Very possibly. It happens when you have bad topo in blender so I wouldn’t be surprised if that was the reason for unions with shading issues.