Northern Shield | API


So, I’ve recently announced the release of v1.5 and with it, I said that you can whitelist any user from being detected by the anti-exploit, for however much time you like in every situation you like.

so now I’m going to explain to you how to do it.
[only for beginner+ scripters]

Northern Shield Whitelisting Explanation

Under the “NorthernShield” that is in your game, there is a folder called WhitelistData
in it, there will be a bool value for each player that joins your server

The bool value will be called with the player’s name, for example, “cqRoy” or “Builderman”
with this bool value, you can whitelist anyone, anytime, anywhere by turning it true/false.

True = whitelisted, false = unwhitelisted

Example code:

Let’s make a part that when you click on it, it will whitelist you!

First off, insert a ClickDetector into the part

And then insert a Script into the part aswell.

Then, insert the following lines into the script;

local ServerScriptService = game:GetService("ServerScriptService")
local name = player.Name
ServerScriptService.NorthernShield.WhitelistData:FindFirstChild(name).Value = true

And boom, we’re done it’s that simple!