NORTHWIND Update 16.5.3 Changelog

  • Updated to use Roblox 2022 materials where we do not use our own, and applied more of our own materials to many common items. There may be some bugs or areas we overlooked, and some things such as bushes might look weird for a short while.
  • Changed Christmas Ducat Store to Valentines, including a new package, clothing, and gem.
  • Added a new gem, Quartz, to the regular Ducat Store.
  • Added the ability to purchase a finite amount of bank space from the Ducat Store.
  • Fixed Fort Rupert doors temporarily, they are somewhat buggy still.
  • The UI bug causing large out-of-place text is unfixed and is likely a Roblox issue. We will continue to look into it.
  • House building/combat will be addressed in the next major update.