Nostalgic Border Game Hiring Scripters [CLOSED]

About Us

Hello! I’m Domxom. I’m an experienced developer that has worked with all RP games of many types. I’m a decent builder, but I need help with this project.

About The Job

I’m looking for two scripters to help me out. This game will be a border game, but with a major twist. It’ll be very old style, and bring back nostalgic features of ROBLOX. Everything will be in studs, and it will have a very classic feel. It also needs to be well scripted. More about the game will be described in DMs.

Requirements: Dedicated, chill, active, and most importantly, not lazy

Keep in mind, you really won’t be doing that much hard work at all. 90% of it is very basic

40,000+ Robux in advertisements out of my own pocket + more from investors


Each scripter will get 30% of all game revenue + some up-front if you’re doing well :slight_smile:

Contact Us

You can contact us here on the Developer Forum or via Discord: dommomma#4159

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:

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30% Is Low For A Scripter, also this game concept has been copied multiple times and is overused. Unless you have a good plan please dont expect people to take 30% revenue of a game is concept that is overused and frankly isnt too creative. Not saying you wont make anything or this is a bad idea, If you put so much into it continue but im just saying this idea is overused but I like the " nostalgic" idea if you could even execute it right. The requirements also mean that there is no set experience so you might accidentally hire a 4 year old and waste robux. I advise to do the following:

A. Raise Commission B. Put an actual down payment or payment for completion C. Fix your requirements and do all of the above

I’m revolutionizing the previous nostalgic border game. Thanks for the feedback

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I hope you do well with your game! :smile:

To be honest, the nostalgic border game already up is… pretty bad… I feel I can do much better. It has 1,000 players which is ridiculous imo

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i was talking about another game out on the market. i’m expecting 100 players if that with an ad

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40k can net me 500 players on a good ad and decent retention game, also he said he has investors as well who will contribute to advertising, so I don’t see that much of a problem.

the 40k will be split up, but yeah

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