'Not a valid member of' Error

Salutations, DevForum Members.
I recently have created a script which when a player touches a box, will trigger an event to fire that will make a decal have a flickering effect. This runs perfectly fine and actually looks quite good however, every time my output will print “GloomyDecal is not a valid member of workspace” for some odd reason.

This may be a studio bug but I wasn’t exactly sure so I came here first, can anyone help?

Where are you making GloomyDecal? If it’s a LocalScript, the server won’t be able to see the new Part.


Okay! Should I change it from a local script to a regular script?

It’s hard to say without context, you might need both a LocalScript and a server Script with RemoteEvent communication. But yeah, the server Script should be the one actually making the Part eventually.


Okay, thank you. I’ll get on that now.

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