Not able to give a specific user to edit

Hi I’m not able to give a specific person able to edit the game. I don’t know why, since I’m the owner of group, and all.

I guess there are 2 reasons:

  • The user is not friended with you;
  • The user is not in your group, and if it is, his role isn’t setted to be able to edit the game.

I have gone through this problem. I’m pretty sure there’s no other way, unless putting him in a role where he can edit/make games in the group.

What you need to do is:
Make a role in your group ( not necessary if you already have a role)
Then go to Group configuration settings and go to that role and scroll down, then enable editing games.
Then go to your game’s game configuration settings and then permissions and choose the role you put him in and then instead of no access, put it to edit.
Then put that person in that role… And then you’re done! :wink:

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He has done both: in group and is my friend. Anyways its solved now.

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how did you fix this?

I just gave him a rank in the group which can edit.

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Yep, I did the same. Thanks for your reply.