Not able to login In developer forum

My friend Atu7j Atu7J - Roblox
is having problems in login into the developer forum. I told him everything about how to login but he is not able to login. Everytime he pressed the login this error shows up:

No image here that I can see…

Next time use Alt-PrtScSysRq and then Ctrl-V when you need to screenshot
like this

Also Don’t Finish your post when uploading the image is still in progress otherwise no one can open it or see your file

It is showing error 404

Hey! I know what the issue is!

So, the devforum is only available to people whose account is 13+. I literally just hopped on my sister’s account to check and yup didn’t work(her account is <13). So uh yeah just wait till your friend is old enough I guess.


It throws a different error when you do that.
I’m sure it did before, I don’t know what happened. Looks like the error page is missing, because in the adress bar you don’t have the usual 404 adress.
404 error:
When you login with a <13 account:
Maybe this should be reported as a website bug?

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Oh does it?

Either way, his account is <13 so he won’t be able to log in anyway.


OK thank you for your suggestions I will see what problem is with his account.

The error page for the new SSO not being shown properly is a known issue, it will be fixed after the next web release (Monday-ish).