Not able to pass the “Play 5 Featured games to unlock more creations” screen on Xbox

I’ve bought an Xbox One S recently and it’s my first time using it so I’m a noob to all of this, but I’ve played ALL of the featured games on Roblox for around 30 seconds each and it still says “Play 5 Featured games to unlock more creations made by community members just like you!”

I’ve tried everything, logging in and out, changing my settings, playing again, and nothing seems to work for me.

Any ideas?


Many users have reported this issue, like @Nilvou and other users on the Roblox subreddit.
This is an image showing the problem.
Users have reported that even after playing 5 featured games, the screen doesn’t go away.

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We’ve been unable to repo this in-house this morning. Could you also check the following as it will help us further. Do you have the Explorer achievement (play 5 games)? Does your recently played games show up on either the home screen or the games screen? If so, how many games are showing up?

Hi there,

For some reason it says I have not unlocked Explorer achievement although I have entered more than 5 games and stayed for longer than 30 seconds.

When I launch the game, 8 games show up on my home page.


These are my recently played games. The games I have launched on Xbox are: Speed Race, Broken Bones IV, Ripull Minigames, Deathrun, Tiny Tanks, Mining Simulator, GearLand, Swordburst 2, Kick Off, Clone Tycoon 2, Arsenal, Theme Park Tycoon 2, and Pirate Simulator.

My Xbox gamertag is revolevo.

My issue has been fixed with the new update!

If anyone else has this same problem, I reccomend updating the software on Xbox or re-installing. :slight_smile:

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