[NOT AVAILABLE] Imperiumate - Interior Design Builder


Hello and welcome to my portfolio!
I’m a interior design builder with a little experience, I’m mostly centered around the SCPF genre. I’m currently working for VirtualButFake’s SCPF: Link to VirtualButFake’s profile | @VirtualButFake |
I don’t have a lot of experience but I’m always seeking to gain some!


I am currently not available because I’m already contracted with another person ( @VirtualButFake ) - working on the Barrier Unit - 36 project for his SCPF.

My work

I don’t really have a lot to show, but I believe this is enough:
As I said, I’m an amateur…


I usually charge about 250-500 robux per hour, it really depends on what’s the task.


I usually use Discord, but you can contact me on ROBLOX, Twitter and Discord:
ROBLOX Profile link: (follow to message) Imperiumate
Discord Username & Tag: Ika#0984
Twitter: Imperiumate

Have a great day, and thanks for visiting!

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