[NOT AVAILABLE] Scripter For Hire (1.5 Years Experiance) Uygi1234

I moved to Talent Hub! Please check my page for latest info. Link: Talent Hub

About Me

Hello! Im Uygi1234. Im a Scripter who works at his own/for-hire projects. I can script your games such as Cafe, Minigame, Save Systems, Ui scripting, Round System, etc. I have been scripting for 2.5 years and I have previously worked on my own & for-hire projects. You can see my projects down below!

These projects are outdated, please check my talent hub for newest projects.


A game for test my UI and scripting skills, RoTube: RoTube (BETA) - Roblox

A cinema project for test myself: Sunrise Cinema - Roblox

Some of my models (Egg hatching system, live likes board, twitter codes, music player): Some of my models - Roblox

My own game Pull The Rope: Pull The Rope! [CLOSED] - Roblox

For testing http service skills, Dictionary: Dictionary (Search real words!) - Roblox

And I can make systems like this:

Gun system that i made:Gun Test - Roblox

A outfit loader (Que & Request System): Outfit Loader - Roblox

Cafe Order System: Cafe V2 - Roblox

My hotel check-in system: Hotel System - Roblox

Teleporting data to another game: TeleportData - Roblox

A MarketPlace API Game: Check Inventory & Item Info - Roblox

Some of my For-Hire Projects

Long term:

Minti Cafe

🌱 Minti | Cafe - Roblox

Music & Music Request, Order, Hand-To System, Menu UI, Loading & Play Screen with transition, Gamepass Shop, Pet system, mopping system

Pet system:
mintiPet.mp4 - Google Drive

Greenlands Obby

Saving levels & maps & checkpoints, map select screen, shop ui, in-game currency purchase, settings, 1 time redeem-able twitter codes, saving donation board, admin gui, tags. 🌲Greenlands Obby - Roblox

Other projects:


Ban and hand to system

Team Change


Jordanian Military Academy

Start screen, group & name tag, auto team, owner-only gate.


Shop For Obby

Gamepass shop with instant item giving (No rejoin), skip stage button design

Institute Of Craft

Mouse position teleport, mouse position attack system, mouse position fling system
Institute Of Craft - Roblox

All of the ui’s made by me.

Surely, I can’t add all of my projects so here’s some.


I am available for 3 to 4 hours of work on the weekdays, 5 hours at weekends. You can contact me any time.


I only accept Robux.
Im very flexible at prices, it changes with project.

At Shop & Inventory system, Mini Games, Round System, etc. Im very flexible. So contact me for more info.

But my prices are usually between 400 and 600 robux.

Im getting payments at this game (Dev Product): Payment - Roblox
You can send from group too.


You can contact me here or via Discord. DC Username & Id: Uygi#1916

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:


Looks nice but do your systems actually have any security or do you base all of your checks on the client?


No, i used remote events. At hotel system, it not checks only a value. Its not for only show, it really works. It can be used.

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No, you misunderstood me. I am asking if your systems are properly secured against exploiters, false values, crashers, etc.


I quite admire his talent. His one of the youngest and a talented one. Must hire him.

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Hello, I am power, And my friend on Roblox his user is: dragondraco999 and he was wondering if you can script his ordering system at his cafe and I think that is all he wants for scripting, let me know on that’ thanks.

I’ll be happy to help! Can you give his dc username? Or you can message me at dc! Uygi#4136

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Minti Cafe’s owner, CoIxr’s feedback!

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Oh hey! Sorry for the late response, But he does not have discord! I am completely apologize, for any inconvenience but I can give his Roblox username to you! And you can friend me on Roblox then I can put him on Group chat! If that works, For you! Get back to me soon!





Ok, i will write from Roblox messages, by the way i sent the friend request. Can you say to accept my request? Thanks.

Okay! i didn’t think i got the friend Request! but i can check if i did! and i will accept it.

It says request pending. Can he check again too? By the way he has 200 friends, the limit. He needs to unfriend someone.

Oh ok! I will tell him soon! Thanks, for letting me know.

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Hi Uygi! So he got back to me rn! And he is wanted to know what user is yours? So he can accept, Your Friend request you have sent to him, today so he can Accept it! Let me know on that soon!





Sorry, he already found your user! And accepted it! On Roblox! So we don’t need help finding your user on Roblox now to accept it.

Uygi is an amazing scripter with lots of dedication, effort, and knowledge. He’s very friendly and easy to work with as well. His prices are also pretty cheap.
10/10 would recommend.

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Looking to hire you. Just sent you a friend request on discord my username is HeavenlyFriedChickenSauce.