Not being able to join private servers on mobile

Device info:
iPhone 11
iOS 17.1.2

When trying to join a private server in which a few people are already in, it will not let you join saying that you don’t have permission to join this server, even when you do have permission. (returns Error Code: 524)

Reproduction steps:

  1. Have a private server in any game
  2. Have one account join the private server and stay in it
  3. With a second account (that is logged in on a mobile device) try joining the same private server

Expected result:
It will allow me to join the private server as I am invited to join it

Actual result
Error 524 returns and it does not let me join the private server



I’m assuming a lot of mobile users have this issue, and i believe this bug has been active for almost a year, I would contact ROBLOX support team about this issue and see if they can pass it onto their technicians.

Uh, this is exactly what #bug-reports is for. To pass it onto Roblox technicians. Thats why my post is here.


My bad, i apologise for the inconvenience.

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Thanks for the report! We’ll follow up when we have an update for you.