Not being able to put Part A near part B


I got an issue when my friend was building terrain for our map

basically I can’t make the brown part close to the green one without using the move tool which makes the map making process a bit harder.

there is no parts there that cover the top so it’s quite weird. any help?

Have you tried restarting studio?

I have tried that but no luck with that sadly

You have the part B inside of part A model.

Hope that helps!

no they are two separate parts in the workspace (the white brick is irrelevant)

Could it be that this grey part, which is included inside the other part, is already touching the ground? Or is it the same level as the brown part? Because if the grey part is already touching the floor then it will not allow the brown part to go there.

as I said the grey brick is irrelevant and I only made it to test whether the issue effects all parts or not (it does)

So what exactly is it not getting close to?

the brown part is not getting close to the green one

Is there a transparent layer on the green part?

it’s like an invincible thing that I can’t select, players don’t collide with, yet when I drag over it the parts detect it and float above the ground

Is the green part a union? that might be the problem

no it’s not a union neither is the brown one they are all parts

While you’re moving the brown block around, I can see a blue one in the distance. I think that’s the problem. I think the blue one is in the ground, messing with your drag. Try taking the blue brick outside of the brown?

The Transparent layer may be locked and non-selectable like the starting baseplate.

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Tbh, this isnt really a big issue. You can just use the move tool!

Awwwwwwww… Duh. Your right lol

there is no blue part nearby the ground I searched all around it and also there is not locked part I have checked using the lock tool

Yep. :slight_smile: That is correct. Very simple!

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we’re trying to do a lot of decorating in this area and it is a MASSIVE inconvenience that we would love to fix