Not cloning for people above ranks

Nope. None of those. 30 charss

Wait 30 charssssssssssssssssss

There is a blue line under GetRankInGroup in

local rank = GetRankInGroup(groupID)

That is a silly mistake on my part. It’ll need to be
local rank = Player:GetRankInGroup(groupID)

However that would have produced an error saying you attempted to call a nil value, so again, I don’t believe you are correct in saying it didn’t produce any errors in the output window on the server.

I can script a bit so I changed it to that and it did not work.

I just wanted to make sure I put it right.

Still does not work. There are no errors. And I checked the values in studio and made sure they are correct when you press play and they are. I also checked and made sure it was not the class3 value and it is not. I don’t know what you want me to do.

Given you should’ve picked the nil call up in the output window on the server as an error, but claim there weren’t any, and given the state of the original script, I suspect we aren’t going to get very far with you simply saying there’s no errors, no warnings, nothing at all, and claiming all the values are absolutely correct without actually showing any of them.

I suggest you save a place file (rbxl) that has the script and all the values as they are and upload it here or DM it to myself (though I won’t have chance to open it until tomorrow evening) so a second pair of eyes can look through it and find the issue. It’s often hard to spot the issue in your own code as you can overlook simple checks.

If I can actually see what we’re dealing with then I don’t have to make as many assumptions about data types and instance classes.

My gut feeling says a WaitForChild is waiting infinitely, but again that would be a warning in the output window.

Another thing you can do yourself is debug using print statements. Inside each condition, put print(1) increasing the number each time, and then a print at the end after all the conditions are closed. This can indicate which conditional blocks have or haven’t run.

Explorer tabz1


Proof that the values ARE LOADING

Proof that I am entering the variables

Proof that there are no errors:

What else do you want???

A screenshot of the backpack and the character would possibly help to check that’s not where the issue comes from, preferably in server mode as it’s what the server script sees that’s important here.

Again, I still think it would be easier to send a place file over as passing snippets through you to test and get back to me is incredibly tricky.

I also recommend taking it to DMs to avoid flooding the thread like with those images as it just clutters the category and the Latest sort for other forum members.

We are very close, it’s just one of the conditions and it’s hard to pinpoint the issue when I can’t just click Play and mess about on the server side to look at it properly. I would place the print statements where I mentioned to track what’s being run.