[Not Currently For Hire] Scripter and Builder

About Me

Hello there, I’m Seenit. I’ve been on Roblox since April 27th, 2008 and I’m a somewhat experienced builder and scripter. I’ve mainly been working solo the past couple years but feel its time I start looking for work.

I’m am by no means a god tier scripter but I feel like there’s a lot I can do regardless of that. I hope my work can reflect my abilities!

I’m also a builder! My current style is mostly represented in Marble Sim, though I’m willing to try something new!

My Work

Marble Run/Sim

Marble Sim is a game I have been working on for almost half a year at this point, besides some maps the whole game is just me. I’ve learned a lot while making this game and while it may not have been successful I’m proud of it!

You can check it out here


Snake.it was a fun couple day project to see if I could just remake snake in Roblox. Nothing too special but, eh, may as well put it here!

You can play snake.it here


Vivacity was set to be a hangout game with home decorating being it’s main feature. Sadly I had to stop work on this project because I felt at the time it was too ambitious. I may return to it someday.

You can try Vivacity here


I would be available most days in the morning to the afternoon (Central Standard Time.)


Payment is entirely based on complexity of the request. We can talk it out and come to an agreement on a price based on the request. My preferred method of payment would be through paypal, however Robux would work out well too!


You can contact me here on the Developer Forum or on Discord Seenit#3000

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:


Hello I would love to hire you as a scripter. Is there any way to contact you apart from discord? It says your discord tag is invalid. My discord is donut#9255.


Whats your discord tag? Lets chat for a bit

Hey I probably want to hire u | Supertestsubject#9415
As donut said it says your tag is invalid
Please DM me about a deal

Hey, Im interested!
Can you contact me on discord? Humanball#8418

Hey I still want to hire u if u are able

Can’t seem to add you on discord. I would like you to work under an active dev team to create a simple simulator (I say simple because I played the games you linked, and I KNOW you won’t have any problems).

Contact me:


Hi I havent been on the devforum in a while, I cant seem to add you on discord, I have updated the post with my new tag ‘Seenit#3000’

Do you accept percentage?please contact heroblox#9627 if you do