[Not For Hire] NeverTrustBob || Builder/Modeler and Map Designer

How do you do fellow Robloxians,

About me

I am NeverTrustBob I have been building since late 2013. I mainly worked with Warclans building forts/training bases and rally places. I just recently got into using Blender and have been getting more proficient at using it. I am currently working with my friend and colleague EinKliener on a GTA/APB based game called Criminality. I stream work on most things I build on Youtube I have 1400+ subscribers and regularly have 30+ concurrent viewers. If you would not like me to stream work or post work this is fine as I understand the reasons to keep things hidden.


I have worked with a few different styles of building. From Sci-Fi, Military styled stuff to low poly styled building. I love smooth terrain and if you need someone who is experienced with smooth terrain I can assure you that you will get a beautiful map.

Criminality (2019)


Warclan Builds

Due to my regular job, I am only available Monday and Tuesday all day and will work 2-3 hours every day after I get off work.

I charge anywhere from 20k-100K+ depending on the scope of the work.

Contact Me

You can contact me on my twitter, @AlwaysTrustBob1 . I am also available on Discord, with the username NeverTrustBob#0825. You can also contact me on DevForum!

Regards, Bob


I’ve known Bob for a while now and he’s a really good person to work with. If you’re looking for someone to work with, he’s the man.


Bob is the best builder i know. I saw his work on the DevForum a lot of times and i gotta say that he is a great builder and i hope you get hired soon really! recommend this guy.

Really like your Ciminality and LowPoly builds, would definitely hire you! Currently busy at the moment but if you end up free when I need a builder I’ll let you know.

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Seems that you have a track record so I would definitely be open to working!

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