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Programmer, Community Manager, Modeler (CSG), Animator, etc.

A Public Portfolio of what I’ve learned and gained from Roblox

Last Updated: March 3, 2020

Who am I?

Story time!

Well, I’ll give this to you quickly so as not to bore you. My usernames are snorebear, 4DEntity, FireMage1462, and other various names I can’t begin to remember (I have lots of usernames but “snorebear” is my most widely known one).

I am well known mainly throughout the Roblox SCP Genre due to my heavy work there for multiple groups of varying scale-from the smallest of the smallest to those in the tens of thousands in member count. I am well known for my programming as well as modeling. However, I’ve also been employed as an animator, UI designer, and such.

I have worked in other genres before, as a contractor and part-time developer. I am also currently expanding my skills in the horror game industry due to inspiration from @Zeekerss.

I have been on Roblox since 2012. Before that, I had little programming experience outside of Minecraft Modding. I learned most of my programming knowledge through Roblox, the DevForum, and the friends I’ve met on the journey. I used to develop for Minecraft servers for a few years. I not only refined my creative thinking process but learned to problem solve, gained experience with Java/JavaScript, and learned MySQL Databases as well as mass plugin configuration and file handling.

I am fluent in JavaScript, some Python (I plan to learn as much as possible before Senior year ends), LUA (7 years thanks to Roblox :heart:), and varied fluency in other coding languages. I am currently learning Java with the AP:CSA course I am taking this year.

Some DevForum Stuff

I unfortunately can’t remember when I applied for the DevForum but I was a New Member between October 16, 2017 up to July 17, 2019. I am actively a full member of the DevForum as of July 17, 2019.

I do my best to be as active as possible on the DevForum. You can view the statistics of my activity via my profile.

Work History + Projects

Major Projects (Usually over a Few Years)
  • Minecraft Server Configuration, File Handling, Plugin Design & Editing, MySQL Database Handling, etc. - I worked for over 200 servers in my career at this time. I worked entirely for free. Some notable names are: PixelBox, Electroshock Network, and the Ice Network.

  • snorebear’s Special Containment Procedures Foundation - I owned my own Roblox group for about 3 years before I decided to archive it and perhaps grow it later in my life. It is currently archived on an alternate account. These jobs were very intense as I used this time to learn and grow my leadership skills, creative process, LUA skills, and gained some confidence with helped boost my determination/ambition.

  • II_VortexII’s Special Containment Procedures Foundation - I became a major developer and project lead here where I began to work on script refinement (basically rewriting scripts to make them more efficient) and building/modeling. I also learned to improve my game design skills here.

  • KnownMonarch’s Special Containment Procedures Foundation - II_VortexII’s Foundation merged with KnownMonarch’s and I obtained the Lead Developer role here to lead a project which would pioneer the genre in technology (Complex: 91). This project is currently active and has been released. Check it out in my Projects tab below.

  • Myself - You can view my profile and play Runner or MOROZ | Apocalyptic Survival. Disclaimer: These games may or may not be broken. I archived them awhile ago but they are solid gameplay wise.

Minor Projects (Days to Months)

and more that I may have missed…


DISCLAIMER: Some or a lot of my work may have been passed through groups or various users although all of it is originally my work.


I tend to organize HEAVILY. Here is some snapshots of what my organization techniques look like, both inside and outside of scripts.


4000-ESHU Menu/UI/Scripting Showcase


Allegiance | TPS Showcase


Interface Module - The Interface Module is a client sided module used to control anything UI-related in a game.


Building / CSG / Terrain Work



See TPS | Allegiance showcase and other games for animation work.


UI Design





Special FX

Fire Spell - Causes damage, creates an explosion, and uses some pretty cool special effects.
Phase 1 https://gyazo.com/de3e778f3ef5aa80d7ce47d3064b863f
Phase 2 https://gyazo.com/5d7b15167c5889b38e36462e1705e7c8
Phase 3 https://gyazo.com/f24c876e08dde0333183e14f5db524fe

Graphic Art

Patreon Snapshots


Archived Project Links

Games I have made or assisted with that are now archived or inaccessible.

MOROZ | Apocalyptic Survival


Complex: 91 – (Inaccessible via @KnownMonarch)

Publicly Available Project Links

Games I've either helped make or have made entirely that are viewable currently to the public.


The Islands: Awakening – DISCONTINUED



DevForum: @snorebear
Twitter: https://twitter.com/snorebear1
Email: (Working…)
Discord: (See below)

My Discord automatically denies friend requests so please message me here to receive permission to friend me.

Thanks for taking the time to read my portfolio and enjoy the rest of your day!


This looks pretty great! I would suggest that instead of taking a screenshot of the scripts, perhaps you could instead record what the scripts do. Nonetheless, all of these are amazing!
Keep it up :heart:


Actually you do not need to show us your scripts, althought showing us how program works will be much better. Anyways, your portfolio is good-made, preplanned. About animating, if you just started with it you should get more experience, until you will get hired. You aswell showed us only reloading, which in my opinion it’s not hard.


I got some criticism on that from a few people. As soon as my PC loads up, I’ll edit it. Thank you.


I appreciate your suggestions and I’m sorry I couldn’t respond sooner. With regards to the scripts, they’re there for other programmers to get a look at and try and figure out how they work. I left the comments above them, thanks to another suggestion, to explain to others about what the code does. In regards to animation, I still include it here because it is a skill I have. I can rig and animate, however I just haven’t had many jobs where I can share my skills in that department.

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Would you consider working for a percentage or are you strictly working for USD/Robux?

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I am open to percentages for games I believe have potential. However, with percentages, I may require a slight down payment to make sure that I’m not being scammed for my work.

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That is completely fair, would you be interested in talking more about this on discord? roke#6258

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Sure thing. I’ll send you a friend request right away.


Amazing work!

For your programming, would you recommend working as a secondary programmer? If not, would be okay with it? What do you think would better comply with your skills.

Also, what’s your preferred method of payment?

Cheers :smile:,

Programming is my primary skill as I’ve refined it over many years however I also work with building, UI design, etc. In response to your second question, yes, I would be fine with it. I’ve already worked jobs where I don’t program.

Preferred method of payment may be viewed in the payment section under my portfolio.

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Hit me up! Isero15360#4142 :smiley:

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Hey, I’m interested

Can you add me on discord? xuefei123#1234

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After consideration, MOROZ and Runner have now been taken down from my account and will remain as private games until decided otherwise. However, Islands: Awakening has been added to the list so it doesn’t go completely empty.

Last Update: September 22, 2019

Can you add me? Truth#9536. Doesnt allow me to add you.

Contact information states my Discord will shoot down friend requests. However, thanks for notifying me. I’ve sent a request your way. Looking forward to working with you. :slight_smile:

I’d like to talk to you, can you add me please? Logan

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Sent a request. Looking forward to working with you.

Hello snorebear, I added you.(attempted) I look forward to working with you!

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My Discord automatically denies friend requests but I’ve sent you one myself with the Discord tag you provided.

Looking forward to working with you soon!