[NOT HIREABLE] ChasingNachos - Scripter


Hey, I didn’t see you there!

I am ChasingNachos, a Scripter here on ROBLOX! I have created many different scripts and games! You can hire me for a small price! I charge by each line of code. I have made an Admin System, a Moderator Call System, a Team Switch, a Package Remover, an Application Center Service, and so much more! I am not good at UI Design, so I recommend hiring another person to design the UI.


I charge an amount of ROBUX based on the difficulty of the base product. I will give this price to you before the start of the project. I ask that you pay me within 16 days after the end of the project. Starting on the 17th day, there will be a 5 R$ late fee every day until you pay.


Please don’t scam me for my work. If you decide to scam me, you will be reported to ROBLOX, and legal action may be taken against you.

A Little Bit About Me:

Hey! I’m James, an advanced Scripter from Michigan! I am the creator of ROBLOX Developer Central, a group where developers can socialize! I am a student and my favorite subjects are Algebra and World Geography. I have been scripting for 3 years (2 on my alternate account, and 1 on this account).


You can contact me the following ways:

ROBLOX Profile
Messaging Me on the DevForum
Discord (ChasingNachos#8128)
Replying to this Post

Thank you for reading this!


Isn’t it a little unfair to charge people by lines of code? You can really only approximate how many lines someone’s project will occupy, not to mention they may require different spacing layouts depending on how the script functions. Maybe charging by the time it takes you to do something would be better?

Also, I was genuinely interested in your portfolio, but it would be nice to actually see your work as a photo or video.


Thank you for your suggestions. :grinning:

I will edit my post when I get home!


Agreed, evidence of work is needed.


There is nothing to corroborate what you have said you can do on your post. Please update it with videos of you work or links to either a portfolio or Roblox places.


I can add examples tomorrow!


Can I point out that 5 Robux isn’t even 2 cents. It would take a year and a half for your late fee to reach $10 lol.


Yeah, it’s not much of a late fee! :rofl: