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I’m in need of a UI designer. I’ll pay 50 000 robux and give % share in revenue for your work. 50k robux is for short term pay. % is for your contribution towards the game I’m making on the long run.

You would have to design and create graphic elements of rhythm game UI
The job would require making multiple stylistic versions of the same UI which would be used for multiple reasons. So being able to make different styles would be required.
Ex: you’d have to make grungy looking UI, but also more clean and colorful UI fown the road.

The job is oriented towards the more graphical aspect of UI design. So making UI look nice for the most part, while keeping the UI functional.

**More details regarding work:**

The game you’d be making UI for is called “Rhythm Stars”, it’s a nightclub tycoon rhythm game hybrid.
The players would have to do dance battles against players and NPC to earn money along with other minigames as they wish to build up a nightclub tycoon.
It’d be somewhat presented as a sandbox game due to how the mechanics would interact with each other. As of now we have a basic working version of gameplay and just hired builders to start working on the game’s first map.
The job entails making all UI for the game along with another UI designer, which isn’t as active. You’d have to make huds, UI for beat patterns which players can play with to earn points and more.
You would be making multiple styles of the same UI. This is done to make the UI change overtime to show player progression and also for monetization (swappable UI styles).

So the UI would be slightly changing overtime the more the player progresses, the player would then be able to change UI if he or she has decided to use a UI theme which she/he has already unlocked.

Details regarding pay:

once the UI is done, it’s part of the game, and it will help the game on the long term. That’s why you get a % share if you make UI for the game. Think of the 50K robux as a starting point cause developers don’t like to work on things as much if they can’t get payment before the game gets released.

So you would get 50K robux before release, and % after. It’s also prefered that you’re able to stick to the game’s development to add more UI variations overtime or just all out new UI elements.

Message me if interested:
Discord: Maxx#7549
Twitter: @darkhero149
Roblox: darkhero149


I still need a UI designer!

Still need one? I’d be up for it.


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