(NOT HIRING) Co-Own my GROUP you get 90% of all funds

Hi :slight_smile: I own a small clothing group, but I do not have premium. All I want to do is upload clothing to my group, not for profit, but just for the sake of it being out. If any robux comes in, it’s all yours, well not all of it. 90%, the 10% that is left for me is for saving to invest into small games.

Your Job Is:

Upload clothing templates to the group
That is it, I know it sounds crazy, but I really just wanna expand my group for the fun of it. Side note: I’ll buy your stuff with my robux, I really just wanna have fun!

Talk to me:

Discord xKorl#8700
Twiter @itsxkorl

yo i’m interessed!!!

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That’s a really good offer ! I accept it ! plus i have high administrative competences cause I own a roblox group,

yoooo, i am intrested. and i have premium

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add me I’ll talk to you if the first guy doesn’t work out

I’m willing to do it for 10% and you can keep 90%


O_O add me you caught my eyes fast :joy:

You can find me on discord; Lester#1488

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