Not Leting me In Studio

I know this isnt related to scripting but i have no idea why it wont let me in to roblox studio and if anybody has a solution please tell me it

thank you

Have you tried to re-install Roblox studio?

Edit: This issue happened to me and my friend as well, we just re-installed Roblox studio and it worked!

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Click on the roblox studio icon on the desktop. Right-click on it and then click ‘open file location’. You should see a folder, find the RobloxStudioLauncherBeta file. Double click on RobloxStudioLauncherBeta and the studio should re-install.


A similar issue happened to a friend of mine, he reinstalled studio and launched the app from the .exe file in the file explorer directly and it worked !

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yea i did that just now im going to still keep checking if the problem is here

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thank you guys the problem is now resolved!

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Same issue happened to me I just had to reinstall roblox.