Not much of a designer but I tried making a GUI for my game, what do you think?


As a programmer my main goal is functionality not design, but I wanted this one to at least look a little good! Thoughts?

I know it’s just buttons so it’s nothing super fancy but this is one of my first GUI designs.


Nice! It looks very cartoony, and if that is the theme of your game, then you don’t really need to change anything!

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That’s great thinking!

With functionality comes UX, how the user feels about your UI. This includes navigation. Since you have a lot of options, I recommend that you include icons so that players can easily spot each button out of the others and find what they’re looking for. For example, you can do a coin icon for tax, etc.

Also, consider removing the text outline since you already have a non-white background. That way, it will look considerably better.

Considering that you’re a programmer, this is certainly a very good start! Design is important, but functionality and UX matter more. You can always revamp your UI in any game update, to refresh your players’ eyes!

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Thanks a bunch! Much appreciated :slight_smile:

I was thinking instead of having (for example) a single coin icon, the button would have a slightly transparent background that’s kind of like a coin wallpaper. Something like this:

Also I’ll definitely look into removing those borders. Thanks a bunch!


I like it! Very cartoony. :+1:

It looks like you put your values in order. I like the simplicity. It’s very user friendly.