Not so Subtle Scavengers Patch Notes

Patch notes for Not so Subtle Scavengers (starting at version 1.1)

— Indev Versions
Ver 2.21
-Added join badge

  • Fixed Event NPCs not spawning
    Ver 2.2
    -Fixed lighting and added decoration in floor 2
    Ver 2.0
    -Added floor 2
    -Added NPCs to fog event – Broken
    -Nerfed Weirdo noobs
    Ver 1.31
    -Increased map size by more than double
    -Reduced the number of spawns to one
    Ver 1.3
    -Map overhaul
    -Small changes to a couple of rooms
    -First person camera
    Ver 1.21
    -General map and bug fixes
    Ver 1.2
    -Added new room (Weirdo Noobs by @Slowed_Aphid)
    -Increased time between events
    Ver 1.1:
    -Updated Jeff the Killer and Shrok enemies and rooms
    -Added fog event