Not sure if this is the right category but animations don't work in a group game

I’ve been scrolling for a while in a lot of devforum posts about this issue but they all are resolved by the person in question uploading the animation to the group, I have the animations uploaded to the group but I can only see them in studio testing, also team create members can’t see it in their testing at all and nobody can see it in game. I don’t know if there’s been a change to how playing animations needs to be coded but code like this would usually work in a singleplayer game. I will reiterate I have these animations uploaded to the group the game is owned by. This script is what I have for an npc animation just incase its written wrong and that’s why no animations play

local animationid = "rbxassetid://12145278654"
local animation ="Animation")
animation.AnimationId = animationid
local animationtrack = script.Parent.Humanoid:LoadAnimation(animation)

(I know load animation is deprecated leave me alone)

It does work. You have to make sure that the animation is published by the owner of the group, or else it wont work.

I am the owner of the group
(I hate the text limit)

Is it in a localscript or serverscript? And forgot to ask, when you published the animation, did you choose the creator ,me’’ or ,your_group_name’’

Server script that makes a dummy loop an animation and I did publish it to the group

Well if you published it to the Group then something else is the problem probably.

  • Did you set the animation priority to action?
  • Did you set the animation to loop?
  • Are there any errors in the developer console when you play the real game and not in roblox studio?

Those are some stupid questions, but this is all I can help.

(seriously a character limit on the dev forum?)

Oh for some reason now it works. Thanks for the advice though

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