Noticeable pause/latency for Animations when randomizing wait times between NPCs Playing a certain Animation

I am trying to make a system where NPC’s animate out of sync with each other in a loop but when I attempt this, you can spot some or almost all NPCs doing a noticeable pause for their idle animation before doing another animation. Here is a repro-file (I also tried to do it client sided and had the same issue, if the wait time was the same i.e. wait(5) no randomization, then the animations play without any pause at all but I really would like an out of sync system that doesn’t pause)

Can you send me an example of what you want?

what do you mean? I provided an example file?

The server script goes in a loop, spawns the npc’s, plays an idle animation that is looped, then in a while wait(random) loop, does a look animation and then stops that animation and then keeps playing the initial idle animation.

the primary issue is that the idle animation does a pause for whatever reason when using randomized wait times and then does the 2nd animation a few seconds later, I would like this issue circumvented but I couldn’t seem to solve it.

Sorry, I’m going to check it. (character limit)

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Do you mean that another animation plays when the animation is close to the end?

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Ill send a video of what I am talking about, there are in fact 2 animations that play, but the main idle animation pauses before playing the 2nd animation that is within the random wait loop.

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Yes, I understand what you mean and I will try to solve it now

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Solved, the animation itself for idle has a pause at the end of itself for whatever reason.