NotifyNow1.2.1.1, A model to notify the player

NotifyNow is a model I made to let developers notify the player easily.
This model has a lot of features like:
—Notification position
—get player input
—Custom theme template!

This model will be useful for:
—displaying the statues of something
—To ask the player for something (example: feedback, confirmation)
—To warn the player
—and so on

The newest update has fixed bugs and improved the themes.


Looks so bad and useless?
If this is so useless to you or/and feels and looks very bad, then please vote on the poll useless.
If not, then please vote on the poll useful.

By the way, here is the model link:

If you found a bug or have a suggestion, then please tell me.

-Model usefulness voting-

Will this be useful to you?
  • Yes, it’s useful, and I might use it!
  • No, it’s bad, and I won’t use it

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Roblox has a built in notification system already, what’s the point of this? (sorry if I was being a bit harsh, just wanted to give my honest opinion)

Either way, the GUI looks alright, but the text needs to be smaller imo

I do agree, not to mention that the roblox’s notification system has an animation when its opened and closed and has a button that closes it. Which is something that this module does not have basically making it useless.

Edit: nvm this plugin is now useful for beginner devs


This module looks nice, While i myself don’t have a usage for it i’m sure lots of people do.
Kind of reminds me of those prison games where they would display the current activity.

Roblox’s notifcation system is in the bottom right, Not the top.
Not to mention how tiny they are, People ignore them because it looks like a friend request.

It isn’t useless, It’s got notifications from the top, Plus it’s really easy to use.
Also please only post when you have something that isnt negative to say.


It has animation.

I didn’t make a button intentionally because I wanted this model to look and feel clean, without any buttons.

It’s not, because:

  1. It’s simple to use
  2. Its theme is perfect and pleasing to the eye, unlike Roblox’s one.

Okay, I will work on it, thanks for the suggestion!

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I see what you are trying to make, However it’s far too simple to be useful currently. I think you should let the notifications be customizable.


This looks good - and thanks for including a screenshot. I will use it as a boilerplate and add a bit of color tint to match the look and feel of my project.

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I will try to make it customizable,
but don’t expect so much, because it needs to be simple and easy!
By the way, thanks for the suggestion!

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I am working on an update for this,

because it looks like this model is so useless.

can you all drop the mentality of going to a resource and calling it useless? its such a redditor mindset, and im sure its not making the creator feel any better.


NotifyNow 1.1
This updated fixes some bugs, and it has a new feature, its SETTINGS!!!


Change log

—Added Settings section.
—Improved the code, It will not create a new GUI for every notification.

Planned for the next update

—More settings.
—No SUPER MAX large text
(Please give me feedback, because feedback = better module)

Enjoy! :wink:

Finally, I can now use my module script for my game…

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I’m Probably going to use this, Thanks!!!

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But which one looks graphically better? Roblox or this…

Tbh this needs work. so For gui

I see roblox’s one more pleasant to the eye than the default ui for this module.

There is no buttons, which roblox’s notification system has. Its also not hard to implement. Also you shouldnt make it always “simple”, It just makes the module worse (no offense)

I think buttons should be implemented like this:

notificationModule.Notification("Accept request?",5,{
  yes = function()
     print("Clicked button1")
  no = function()
     print("Clicked button2")
}) -- third arg is optional, and the i for the table
-- is the text for the buttons

where the function is called when button is clicked.

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I agree that Roblox CoreGui still has stuff to be worked out (chat, menu, notifications), but in my opinion this is not more pleasing to the eye at all. The text gradient looks very weird and the whole notification should be way smaller. You should also disable TextScaled (you can even use a way to decide one text size per screen instead) and cut off all the space that isn’t filled with text (you should keep some spacing like 10 pixels, but that’s obvious). I also think that a notification without a description, icon and buttons is pretty limited.


Okay, thanks for your feedback.
I will include this to my to-do list. :wink:

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Hmm, your right some people hate this theme, so I think I will make themes,
If you have a theme idea, please tell me of it.

do u use Roact for gui? They help for stuff like UI theemes

No, I don’t use Roact, but hey the UI looks cool, at least for me, dw i will change it later

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