Notruf Frankfurt Ingame Guidelines

Notruf Frankfurt Ingame Guidelines


In this thread, you can inform yourself about the rules that apply in Notruf Frankfurt.
Roleplay rules are not enforced in public servers.


  1. Harassing a staff member / not following the instructions of a staff member [Kick]
  2. Blocking entrances to spaces with your vehicle (especially the police parking lot) [Kick / Ban]
  3. Advertisement ingame [Kick / Ban]
  4. Placing items (like tapes or cones) in an offensive way [Kick / Ban]
  5. Impersonating a staff member [Ban]
  6. Bypassing a moderation action using an alternative account [Permanent Ban]
  7. Exploiting or cheating [Permanent Ban]

Note that any other Roblox ToS violation may be moderated by our staff.