Nova Security [NS] Guidelines: Trainer Assistant [TA]

Guidelines: Trainer Assistant [TA]

⚬ Only Maximum Security and above can be Trainer Assistants.

⚬ Trainer Assistants are chosen by Security Trainers to assist during trainings.

- - - Jobs/Roles - - -

⚬ These are what TA’s are responsible for during trainings.

:one: | Assuring all trainees are in line and have a proper NS uniform.

:two: | If any trainee is seen passing the lobby lines without being instructed, lethal force is authorized.

:three: | During events, team any winners using the ‘Baton’ tool.

:four: | If a trainee says “PTS” or has a question, answer them to the best of your ability.

:five: | Do not be rude to any trainees.

:six: | Be professional and mature at all times during trainings.

- - - Equipment - - -

⚬ TA’s will be given the standard Nova Security Sword, Railgun and Shield, along with the baton.

⚬ TA’s will be allowed to fly and will be godded by the Trainer.

⚬ Any abuse of these tools given to you, and you will be server banned from the training and possibly demoted.