November 17th 2023 - Hero Havoc Shop Rotation

Shop Rotation! :gem:

Get ready for the new meta-defining Ruby hero that is Chisez! With years of experience and steadied hands, this old man is ready for anything!

Brace yourselves for the most EXCITING, pulse-pounding shop rotation the universe has ever seen! We’re mixing up the market with a selection of POWERHOUSE champions ready to blow your mind! Are you ready for this? Let’s dive in!

:point_right: :man_in_tuxedo: :gem: Chisez
• Polished Rubies
Whenever an enemy becomes inflicted with a status, they have a 10% chance to drop a bag of rubies.
• Experienced Jeweler
Whenever this hero causes a ruby to drop, increase its value by 1.2%.
• Steadied Hands
Gives allies a 2% speed bonus whenever they cause a ruby to drop.
:star2: Jumping Jewelry
For every ruby dropped, have a 15% chance of dropping a ruby bag instead.

:point_right: :bow_and_arrow: Huntress
• Triple Shot
Attacks up to 3 enemies per attack. This attack ignores 10% defense.
• Thrill of the Hunt
This hero has a 100% chance of inflicting bleed to non-humanoid enemies.
• Natural Hunter
Does 300% damage to enemies with more than 90% of their max health.
• Adrenaline
Upon an enemy’s death, increase the speed of this hero by 20%.
:star2: Pierce III
Ignores 30% of the enemy’s defense.
:star2: Silencing Arrow
Whenever this hero attacks, has a 35% chance to inflict silence and crit on the enemy.

:point_right: :bomb: Armedadillo
• Pierce III
Ignores 30% of the enemy’s defense.
• Strong Armor
This hero has 100% more defense.
:star2: Tsar Bomba
This hero’s first attack will hit all enemies and deal 10% of their max health.

:point_right: :person_with_crown: Royal Taxman
• Ruby Collector
Attacks have a 10% chance to cause a Ruby to drop.
• Hated
Everybody hates you… even your own allies. This hero’s defense and health stats cannot be buffed.
• Tax Collector
Whenever this hero attacks an enemy, the enemy has a 30% chance to drop a Ruby.

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