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Hello! I am Power, and we are currently looking for one GFX designer. On to help us with some GFX’s, and my friend: @ProSquid_Dev . Is currently, doing the remaining GFX’s, on my training center game. But he will be needing some help, on the last two GFX’s, and we need one GFX designer, to help him with the last two GFX’s, on my game would he appreciated. And more information will be down below! " "

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About Us

Hi there! We are currently on looking, for at least one GFX designer, on to help @ProSquid_Dev which, is currently doing GFX’s, on my game, and he will need help on the last two GFX’s, for my training center game. And, you can work, with @ProSquid_Dev out, on to finish the last two GFX’s, for my game, and would be greatly appreciated if you would.

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About The Job

We would, like someone on to help @ProSquid_Dev . Which, needs some help on the last two GFX’s, that he is doing for my game, if you are a GFX designer, and interested in the job, and helping him with the last two, GFX’s, would be greatly appreciated, to me/him.


The payment, would be a via robux. Which, we’ll pay for each two GFX’s, both of us on a via t-shirt.

Contact Us

You can contact him here on via Discord; ProSquid_Dev#8275 . On to help him with the last two GFX’s, if you are interested in doing it, would be greatly appreciated. And he will explain, probably more information, about the GFX’s on which ones need to be done.

You must be 13 years or older to apply.

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:


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