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All prices have an Extra Fee: :x:/:white_check_mark: tag next to them. The extra fee is the extra character fee.

(ImageSize) Name | Price | Extra Fee?


(1200x1200) Transparent Background w/ Single Character Render | 30-50R$ | Extra Fee: :x:
(Any*) Scene Background w/ Single Character Render | 100-200R$ | Extra Fee: :x:
(1920x1080) Thumbnail w/ Multiple Characters Render | 300-500R$ | Extra Fee: :white_check_mark:

Anything else that isn’t above can be discussed, and the price can be negotiated.


You can either invite me to work, or message me on the Developer Forum. We will not use Discord or any other platform during the process.

Please note that in order for me to send you the GFX, I’ll need to send it via the developer forum. So please ensure you have a DevForum account.