Noxyra | Builder/Modeler (Open for commissions!)

About me :dizzy:

Hello! I am Noxyra and this is my building/modeling portfolio! You may know me from my GFX. :heart: I’ve been modeling for a few months but I have recently started making builds and maps as well. I’m looking to do some commissions so I can improve on my maps and such. :slightly_smiling_face:

My work! :sparkling_heart:

Maps and models

** All models within these maps are created by me.

Shadow Island.

Rocks and trees.

Availability :alarm_clock:

I am available every day! Message me on discord and I am usually able to start the same day. Depending how large the map or build is and how detailed it can take anywhere from 2 days to 30 days. Most should be under 7 days though.

Payment :money_with_wings:

Pricing is completely negotiable!!

Small sized maps: 2K-5K R$

Medium sized maps: 5K- 10K R$

Large+ sized maps: 10K-20K R$

I also accept the USD equivalent (3.5 USD / 1k ROBUX.)

Contact :left_speech_bubble:

You can message me on discord at noxyra#8366 :revolving_hearts:


This looks really good! I’m sure you’ll get many commissions in the future.

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Thank you so much. :sparkling_heart:

Looking for commissions! :heartpulse:

Wow! This is impressive! I’m loving the magical fantasy vibe. I look forward to seeing your future work!

Updated portfolio with some new examples. :revolving_hearts:

Looking for commissions. Pricing is also 100% negotiable! I am able to lower them quite a bit depending on the commission.

Do you have any simulator map pics?

Unfortunately, not yet. :pensive:

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Do you only work with low poly?

Sent a friend request on discord

Sent a friend request on discord