NPC not moving to target WalkToPoint Vector?

Hi, I need help on solving this issue of NPC not going to the WalkToPoint target. I’m certain it’s not the issue of the pathfinder waypoints because you can see the clip below that the WalkToPoint property of the Humanoid is changing.

It works completely fine on a large flat surface but when it comes to this randomly generated terrain, it gets stuck.

Have you tried using the MoveTo() function of Humanoid? I had issues with this a while back and using MoveTo() ended up working for me. :slight_smile:

I tried using both. Both works sometimes but other times the NPC just won’t move no matter what’s set on WalkToPoint or MoveTo.

I think you can’t combine: WalkToPoint, WalkToPart and MoveTo.
Use one and never use the others or they will disable eachother.