NPC Pathfinding extremely wobbly

I’m busy making a game very similar to “it Steals” Awesome game check it out, anyways I need my NPC to move fast and smartly, So I’m using pathfinding. The only issue is the NPC seems to jump from side to side constantly when enabled, I thought this was a rig issue so I changed the rig, then I thought it was my script so I tried using SimplePath Module but not avail I then lastly copy and pasted the script off Roblox’s Developer page. Still nothing. I tried using MoveTo() and it worked alot better, is there anyway I can stop this weird side to side movement?

Using the MoveTo()

Using the pathfinding:

if I could get help it would be greatly appreciated

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I don’t really see a noticeable “wobble”, but that would probably be caused by the speed. Character handling at extreme speeds is kind of weird.

You could replace the regular movement with your own using LinearVelocity ( and make it move along the obtained path from pathfinding. I don’t think it will be the best solution, but it might work.

in the pathfinding test notice how the NPC shakes left and right? also the speed of the NPC is required, and I would rather use Pathfinding because the player can be in any spot whilst this monster needs to actually follow through the maze. So having set points wouldn’t work and the speed of the monster is preferred to be this fast.

I think I didn’t explain it properly. I believe the shake of the NPC is due to its speed, if you have ever changed your own speed in game you know the character control is not very smooth at such speeds. And you wouldn’t have set points, as you could use pathfinding to find a path, without walking it using the regular method. If you find the path you can then move the character to each point using any form of movement.

Could you show your pathfinding code?

I’ve recently deleted my previous code before as I thought that was the problem. I found out V3N0M_Z SimplePath module and found out its much better than my previous code. So I’m using their module for all the pathfinding code.