NPC Pathfinding lag but only NPC's with girl hair

Okay so i am currently working with NPC’s and i got 2 male NPC and 1 girl NPC the only difference is the shirt template, pants template and the hair on the NPC.

The 2 male NPC’s never stutter they are seriously running perfectly but for some reason the girl NPC is just stuttering and i already change the networkowner to “Nil” and so on and its working perfectly on the 2 first NPC’s and its literally just a mesh that is the difference between these NPC’s.

And trust me i have tried 50 different girl hairs and they all stutter and when i remove the hair from the girl NPC it stops stuttering… so do anyone know what this issue could be related to?

Try toggling the massless property for the hair’s part, as well as the collision property (CanCollide).

I will try this but i simply worked around it making a complete new NPC model and using some old girl hair that seemed to work… but i will try this thx