NPC Reward on Kill

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    So i have a script that gives you Souls depending on how much % damage you did and it works for multiple people so if u did 90% dmg u get 90% Value and the other person gets 10%. This script only works if you do the damage with Melee Weapons such as swords. I have a ranged weapon and i want it to work for it too. Idk how exactly local Tag = Humanoid:FindFirstChild(“creator”) somehow has to be implemented in the script.
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    Explained Above
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    I’ve looked for this topic and couldn’t find anything similar

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local Mob = script.Parent
local Humanoid = Mob:WaitForChild("Humanoid")

local PercentReq = 10 -- Has to do at least 10% of Damage 

    for i,v in pairs(Humanoid:GetChildren()) do
        if string.sub(v.Name,1,6) == "HitBy:" then
                print("Getting Percentage")
                local Percentage = (v.Value/Humanoid.MaxHealth)*100
                if Percentage >= PercentReq then
                    print("Getting Character")
                    local Char = game.Workspace:FindFirstChild(string.sub(v.Name,7))
                    if Char then
                        print("Getting Player")
                        local Player = game.Players:GetPlayerFromCharacter(Char)
                        if Player then
                            print("Getting Stats")
                            local stats = Player:FindFirstChild("leaderstats")
                            if stats then
                                print("Getting Coins")
                                local coins = stats:FindFirstChild("Souls")
                                if coins then
                                    coins.Value = coins.Value + Percentage * 2
                                    print("Gave "..Player.Name.." "..(Percentage*2).." Coins")
                                    print(Player.Name.." Did "..Percentage.."% Damage")
                                    warn(Player.Name.." Coins Not Loaded")
                                warn(Player.Name.." Stats Not Loaded")
                            warn(Char.Name.." Not Found In Players")
                    print("Not Enough Damage..."..string.sub(v.Name,7).." Only did "..Percentage.."% Damage")

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