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Welcome to Nuòvo!

”There’s nothing more idyllic than Italian Food.”

Nuòvo is an Italian style restaurant that caters to customers’ needs. At Nuovo, we work hard to maintain a friendly community. It is our aim to make you feel fresh by cooking a range of delicious Italian cuisines and providing you with delicious beverages.

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:open_book: Upcoming Points coming in the handbook:


1 - Disrespect ,here at Aveya anything related to disrespect is not tolerated,disrespect towards other members will lead to 3 warnings, and if continued after the warnings, they will be demoted.

2 - Advertising is not permitted/tolerated here at aveya. Advertising in the group wall will get 3 strikes, then a suspended role. Advertising in the game will lead to a kick,ban,then perm ban.If your a guest, and caught advertising, will result in 3 warnings, a kick,ban then blacklist from all of current games.

3- Hinting , Hinting is not tolerated, and considered as breaking a rule, hinting for any rank will lead to 3 warnings, and if continued their actions will lead to a ban.If the hinting action is continued ,player will be blacklisted from all of our current game.

4 - Harassing Here at Aveya harassment is not tolerated and considered breaking a rule, it will lead to 2 warnings, if continued their actions, it will lead to a ban then result in a Pban.

5 - Exploiting is a strictly prohibited behavior at Aveya, Exploiting will result in an immediate ban and blacklist from all games, communications server and group.

6 - Trolling , here at Aveya trolling is not tolerated and will be considered as breaking a rule, trolling will lead to 3 warnings, then if they continue there will be actions it will lead to 3 kicks. If they continue,If they continue it will lead to a ban,if continued again it will result in a permanent ban in all of our current games.

7 - * Spamming is a distraction for Staff members and prohibits them from doing their job. Spammers will be warned 1-2 times before getting removed from the Café.

8 - * Raiding is not tolerated at Aveya and can ultimately lead to a ban from all of our games,communications server and a permanent suspension from the group.

9 - * Sharing any kind of personal information or opinions that could disturb other players is a non-acceptable behavior and will lead to a kick/ban, and may lead to a permanent ban.

Ban Appeals

After three days since your ban, you may create a ticket on in the communications server to lift your ban. You can also contact an HR+ or write on the group wall your ban ticket.


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:memo:Partnership with @Aveya | TM, owned by @Lovckeds.



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