Numbers changing into tables?

Ok, so I’m making an express API for data storage. It’s gonna use userids part of the query in each request. But for some reason, whenever I call to check if a script is banned, it changes the number into a table.

function module.banScriptAsync(id)

I thought it was a problem with my API, but the script was banned when I tested the API on my browser. So I printed the number and it just gave out a “table: hexadecimal number” which went on the link.

That could happen because you’re calling the function using a colon instead of a dot. If you define a function using a dot like above, but called a function using module:banScriptAsync(), the first argument becomes self, which in this case is module, which is a table.

Oh, I forgot about that, I’ll try that right now.

Yup it worked, thanks for the help.