NumberValue not changing with Textbox and Textbutton with tonumber()

Hey, I am trying to set a NumberValue using a Textbox, and on the TextButton Click it doesn’t change the values, I am getting no errors and my prints go through, the only thing not changing is the NumberValue’s Value. Any Ideas?

	local TextBox =	script.Parent.Parent.TextBox
	local convert = tonumber(TextBox.Text)  
	if convert ~= nil then
		script.Parent.Parent.Value.Value = convert

Are you trying to read the value from the server?

This is in StarterGui. So nope. client sided.

maybe try changing the NumberValues name to something different than Value

So how exactly arent they changing?

Do you have an Instance named Value?

The NumberValue’s name is value.

the script says Value.Value not value.Value

It is capital… I would have noticed because I use the tab to autofill the model name.

Try changing the number value’s name to something other than “value”. It might be thinking that you’re trying to access a property called value but that doesn’t exist in a GUI element.

already tried that, it didn’t do anything.