Numerous Animations causing Clients to drop in frames

I’ve been working on a combat system for a few days now and noticed that my animations are causing clients to drop in frames drastically when moving very rapidly. To give you an idea of the pace of the combat I supplied two gif’s that visually explains just how many can be run in just a second.

In initial combat, the rate at which the client can keep up is magnificent and ideal. However, after changing directions and combining that with evasion animations in just a short period of time causes the client to lag beyond belief. I’ve done some poking around with my Local Scripts and the amount of animations loaded in the character is six at most.

What I did was use UserInputService to see what kind of input the user was using (simple enough).
Afterwards, I would use AnimationTrack:Stop(0`.2)

function to allow the animations lean into each other, (They all use the same Animation Instance). I always stop the animations before starting another one just so I am not having an entire stack of movement animations but I still get reports of lag after an instant burst of hand-to-hand combat and evasion.

With such a fast-paced game that requires animations to be responsive and of course – fast, what would be your suggestion on ensuring that you could quickly load animations with little to no overhead on the CPU?

Forgive me if I wrote a short novel, but I rather make sure that I am conveying exactly what issue I am experiencing. :frowning: